About us

Once upon a time on a Caribbean beach, we tasted a fantastic orange based spirit,

briefly meeting the distiller, which set the creative juices flowing.


While travelling home, subliminally linking back to our Orcadian roots,

a sketched ‘double X’ on top of one another,

the Old Norse symbol for ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’started an idea,

which would become part of the final brand logo.


A chance meeting in Royal Deeside with Lost Loch Spirits’ owners and a re-telling of the story

continued the journey. They guided from concept, patiently agreeing to many rounds of development and supporting our wish to fill the Still and bottle the batches by hand,

producing the gin they are now all very proud of.


Ultimately we would like to have a distillery back home in Stonehaven

but like any good gin, it takes time. 


To this day, we never found out the Caribbean distiller’s name,

so we crowned him ‘Alexander’ and dedicated this labour of love to the man himself.


We aim to serve as your creators of the finest Spirits and Beers (Yes we also make Beer)

Team of One...   to be continued..


Alexander Stockton

Phone: +44 7718043462

E-mail: fred@bigfishbrewingco.beer